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SCA is dedicated to providing public exhibits & professional support for SC artists.
Contact artists directly for more information and how to purchase art for your collection.
Visit or 803.808.5328 for more information.

8th SCA semi-annual LCAB
Lexington County Administration Building exhibit

212 S Lake Dr, Lexington,  SC 29072 
February 2015 - August 2015
Monday - Friday 8am-5 pm
Free and open to the public

2nd Floor Solo Atrium Exhibit featuring Abstract Alexandra 

View more than 
50 works of original visual art throughout the building featuring artists:
Ginny Merett, Artist, CJ StudiosM E Rawl Photography, Marvelous Mix
,Portraits by Gretchen Evans Parker, CPSA
Howard Trotter, Vi Horton Art, Renee Templeton  Artist

Visit LCAB today for a self guided tour, maps & inventory list (including prices) at front desk 
Also located,_SC_Gov._Exhibits


SCA exhibit featuring Endangered Species Exhibit - large works
The Pitter Platter 112 Main St Lexington 29072
May - August

Free and open to the public


SCA exhibit featuring Endangered Species Exhibit - small works
14 Carrot Whole Foods 5300 Sunset Blvd  Lexington, SC 29072
through August

Free and open to the public


Visit the SCA Garden exhibit
Featuring more than 30 works of art by 6 artists:
Ann Cimburke, Vi Horton Art and Art by Annis Rankin
till August
Visit for Show times.
On Stage Productions 680 Cherokee Lane West Columbia. SC 29169


SCA exhibit featuring Photography by CJ Martin
Exit Palmetto Real Estate Services
1550 Dutch Fork Rd Irmo, South Carolina 29063

Visit this exhibit May - August


SCA @ Musician Supply
Featuring art by CJ Martin & Abstract Alexandra
718 W Main St Lexington, SC 29072
July - September
Free and open to the public

 Upcoming Shows

Mark your calendars...
We have had a great summer with our 1st Fridays
August 7 - Photographers Delight! 

The Final event for the summer. 
See how the eye of each artist capture beauty all around.
Art, Wine & Musical stylings by Frederick Ingram
Call 803-808-5328 or visit or

On Stage Productions 680 Cherokee Lane West Columbia. SC 29169


The Pitter Platter
112 Main St Lexington, SC 29072


14 Carrot Whole Foods 5300 Sunset Blvd  Lexington, SC 29072


LCAB Lexington County Administration Building 212 S Lake Dr, Lexington, SC 29072


Exit Palmetto Real Estate Services 1550 Dutch Fork Rd Irmo, South Carolina 29063


Musician Supply 718 W Main St Lexington, SC 29072


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It is our goal to provide exhibits in locations that share our desire and respect for art.
Our work can help a business put on a fresh artistic face.
Never pass up an opportunity to show your work to the public.








Upcoming-Call to artists

 These locations offer artists the 3 E's -Exhibit, Experience, Exposure! 

Sign up for upcoming exhibits by clicking “SIGN UP" for This Exhibit. This action will open a new email.  In this new email include; location, date, # of pieces exhibiting.  Visit locations before signing up. This will help you understand proper placement and allowable sizes. 

 SCA Activities 

Pick your project gathering today by asking questions & sign up!
  • 8/15 Day trip to Brevard, NC |Sightseeing day trip to Caesars Head State Park and Brevard, NC depart at 7:30am plan for lunch in Brevard. Bring camera! Alexandra can drive up to 4 together. Sign up: Susan
  • 9/24-27 Pawleys Island Art & Music weekend | Drive together, share a room (average cost per night 130, have a fun artists weekend). Find out more here-  Deadline to register August 2
  • Day Trips in the works: Travelers Rest, Landrum, Charleston, Augusta, Brevard


First Friday’s in Lexington
SCA Pop Up Shows at The Haven Coffeehouse.Pop up shows are quick install, short exhibit period (2 weeks), and 1 opening night.The Haven accepts payments for art during the exhibit, no fee. To sign up - email date of show, # of pieces, send 1 picture of the work by the deadline.
Guidelines - 
  • All work must be wired from left to right side of each piece, ready to hang. 
  • Use SC tags (pdf sheet atop SCA Members Newsletter). 
  • Installation on Thursday before the show. All work must be installed by 5pm Friday, night of the show.
  • Depending on size, the space fits 30 + works of art.
  • Artists Statements: 5x7 on simple card stock, unframed, attach with tape, as space permits. 
  • Make sure to sign the back of your art & tape or tuck or tape a business card on back.
It is the duty of all involved help promote the exhibit & attend the opening. Reminder: 
SCA does not make any money at any events, it is up to you to promote these shows. 
Frederick Ingram has agreed to provide music and performs for the love of art, but his talent has to travel from Sumter, which is why each artist needs to give 5-10 to Fred the night of the show for musical entertainment.

August 7 - Photographers Delight! 
Art installation begins 8/6 installed by 8/7.
Removal before 5pm on 8/20


Plein Air Painting
Plein Air painting every Thursday canceled for the summer, will resume in September
Location will be announced

Guidelines  for exhibits
Professionalism: Do not contact exhibiting locations regarding rotation times, sales or private exhibits* 
Art: All art will be wired, framed (or sides painted), tagged and ready to sell. No staples or saw-tooth hangers. Work that is still wet is not acceptable for exhibit.
Tags: SCA tags, provided, are to be used; personal business cards are not tags. If you would like to create your own tags they must state "" or "South Carolina Artists Exhibit". Suggestion: Tags printed on card stock have a more professional appeal.  Email coordinator for more information.
Communication: It is the duty of all members to maintain communication regarding exhibits, shows or rotations. Failure to confirm exhibits dates & times and a failure to arrive at scheduled exhibits lead to a loss of exhibit. *. 
Installations & rotations: Dates  & times are arranged through the coordinator. Do not contact the owner to set up your own time. A director attends all rotations and will reject any work not suitable for exhibit (i.e. unacceptable work or not wired). It is the responsibility of each artist to collect their art. Neither the location or our group is able to store art. Work not collected at rotation will be donated.
Maintenance: Pictures are taken at installations only for promotion. Artists should maintain a record of location, titles & prices. Art is to remain at location for listed length of time. No empty spaces are allowed, if you sell or remove art you must replace it immediately.
Click link to find rotations:
Independent Rotation 'vs' Rotation Director: An independent Rotation means the artist who signs up for the location will arrive at the specified date/time, introduce themselves to the contact person, go to space allocated for SCA, make sure all work is tagged, 
hang art, take pictures, leave cards. Afterwards artists then email pictures or tag SCA on Facebook to promote exhibit. A Rotation Director attends installs, assists hanging, takes pictures to help promote location & exhibit. Locations not listing a Rotation Director means Coordinator will be in attendance, unless otherwise noted.

Failure to adhere to SCA guidelines may require removal from exhibit.

LCAB/Lexington County Administration Building SCA Semi-Annual Exhibit 
212 S Lake Dr, Lexington 29072 | Hours of operation Monday - Friday 8am-5pm| 54 + spaces
As per our agreement with the county this exhibit is open to all artists.  However, due to the cost, time, and effort to curate and promote the exhibit, showing is free to members, $25 for non-members, up to 10 pieces of two-dimensional art.
Self guided tour, maps & inventory list (including prices) at front desk

Current Exhibit Feb-August 2015 Ab Al- 2nd floor atrium, Howard, Susan, Gretchen, Mary, Ginny, Vi, CJ, Renee

Schedule of next exhibit;
July 1 call to artists opens -submit works of art for LCAB & request 2nd floor 
July 31 call to artists closes
August 10 notification of accepted works 
August 15 maps & inventory sent to exhibiting artists
August 18 8:30am removal of previous works 9am installation 10am final inspection & pictures


Exit Palmetto Real Estate Services (CJ Martin Rotation Director)

1550 Dutch Fork Rd Irmo, South Carolina 29063
15 spaces | fit various sizes | 60 day rotations always on a Wednesday 2pm
SIGN UP for This Exhibit < opens an email link

August-Oct - 
Oct - December - Renea 
December - Feb- Susan


14 Carrot Whole Foods
5300 Sunset Blvd  Lexington, SC 29072
Exhibit description:
 hanging art only - 60 day rotation - installations on Wednesdays 2pm only

12 total spaces  | Yellow dining room in front - 7 spaces high up wall  will fit art up to  20" high x  up to 40" wide (request ladder from 14 Carrot) 4 small- large on wall abover microwave  | 2 medium spaces on wall in back between restrooms
SIGN UP for This Exhibit < opens an email link

August-Oct -CJ
Oct - December -?
December - Feb- ?


The Pitter Platter
112 Main St Lexington SC
Exhibit description: (hanging art) 60 day rotation -  installations may be scheduled Tues-Sat, 11:30am
15 spaces (for hanging 2-d and/or 3-d art) on long side wall | visibly active pottery & paint studio
SIGN UP for This Exhibit < opens an email link

August-Oct -Ginny
Oct - December -CJ
December - Feb- ?


On Stage Productions Theatre
680 Cherokee Lane West Columbia SC  
OSP Box office hours Tues 4:30-8:30pm, Thurs 4:30-8:30pm, Fri 4:30-8:30pm, Sat 1:30-5:30pm
Exhibit description: (great for 2-d art) 30 day or less rotation
20+ spaces | hangers  + movable hangers fit various sizes of hanging art.
Art does not need to fit play theme, but great if it does as most purchases are made during performances.
In order to create art themed work it is important to understand the story of each play. Dates of dress rehearsals are listed next to each play. SCA Members who exhibit may receive 2 free tickets to show. Members not exhibiting get 1/2 off discount.

SIGN UP to Exhibit < opens an email link
2015 season

•September (Little Shop of Horrors) installation on 9/10 & 9/17 -?
•November (Castle Frankenstein) -?
•December (A Twisted Carol) -?
•February (Crimes of the Heart) -?
•April (Rock Around the Clock) -?


Musician Supply MusicianSupplyInventory.pdf
150.0 KB

718 W Main St Lexington
34 hanging spaces. All hangers spaced based on 16x20 work. All installations are to be mon-fri before from 10-noon only. No Solicitation - means no pricing listed on tags only title, artist & contact. Exhibiting artists complete attached inventory list. MS will keep info on file till rotation, agrees to accept payments for artists.
SIGN UP for This Exhibit < opens an email link

June- August- AbAl-10
August-Oct -CJ
Oct - December -?
December - Feb- ?


14 Carrot Whole Foods (* Independent rotation, unless otherwise noted)
5300 Sunset Blvd Lexington

Rotation: 8/26 6:30 pm
Outgoing: Endangered Species - Renee, Jason, Ab Al
Incoming: CJ


The Pitter Platter (Rotation Director Renee Templeton)
112 Main St Lexington
Rotation: 8/26 5:30pm
Outgoing: Endangered Species -Steven, Renee, Susan, Jason, Ginny, Ab Al

Incoming: Ginny 

On Stage

(Frontage Road beside I-26) Cherokee Lane
Rotation:  9/10 4:30pm 
Outgoing: Vi, Ann, Annis
Incoming: ?

Exit Palmetto Real Estate Services (Rotation Director CJ Martin)
1550 Dutch Fork Rd Irmo, South Carolina 29063   

Rotation 8/18 2pm
Outgoing: CJ
Incoming: ?

Musician Supply (Independent Rotation)
(Across from Urgent Care in Lexington)
Rotation 8/23 10:30 am
Outgoing: Renee, Mary, CJ
Incoming: Ab Al, CJ


LCAB (Curated exhibit)
212 S Lake Dr, Lexington 29072
Rotation - August 18 2015
Outgoing 8:30: Current exhibit 
Incoming 9:00: New exhibit

SCA Phone Book

SCA Member Phone Book

(803) in no certain order

Jamie  665.7083

Gretchen  238.3714

Vi 955.0402 | (c)414.8745

Annis  359.3853

Renea E.767.5505

CJ 351.3333

Alexandra  (office) 808.5328  (c) 331.9468
Lydia 466.4924

Susan  413.7095

Mary  730.2845

LuLu  206.3254

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