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Whether you are an artist or simply enjoy art...we appreciate you
We are an artists-for-artists group dedicated to providing public exhibits, professional support and ongoing inspiration for the community as a whole.  As artists we understand art must be exhibited to truly be appreciated.  Our mission is to visually enrich and strengthen the community by promoting the exhibition of local, professional art in work spaces and general public areas.


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With over 25+ years of experience in the field of visual arts, promotions, and event coordination, organizers created the South Carolina Artists (SCA) for the sole purpose of coordinating venues to display art in local businesses and public buildings. The exhibits, - promote community and prosperity by connecting the public with the beauty of art created by SC artists. This will serve to enrich the quality of life in South Carolina.

We are open to all forms of visual art and the diverse perspectives that come with them; however, due to the nature of public exhibition, certain genres may not be permitted (contact for more information).

Our group organizers volunteer their time forming connections with local businesses, organizing exhibits, maintaining communication with members, promoting artistic opportunities, facilitating rotations, coordinating art openings, and more.


Many wonderful artists volunteer their time to make for a better community, listed below. SCA members work together to create a better world for art and artists.

We are...

Alexandra White



CJ Martin

Rotation Director - Exit Real Estate


Renee Templeton

Rotation Directors - The Pitter Platter


Caroline M. Davies
Membership administrator



Our mission is to provide both amateur and the professional artists an opportunity to display and sell their work. Exhibits, events and more are coordinated for every member to have to ability to show their beautiful works of art. Remember, no matter what you've heard or read, your work doesn't stand alone when you are a part of a group. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life within our community by elevating the stature of visual art and educating the public to its significance.


We bring to art to you

Our goal is to increase knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment of the visual arts in the public environment by all individuals;  Enrich individual experience of public spaces, Advance individual understanding of South Carolina Artists through their artwork, To stimulate economic benefits for the arts, businesses, and tourism, providing a better quality of life through art, To contribute to the civic pride of South Carolina by allowing recognition of arts in our community, To encourage citizen participation the public art process through volunteerism.© | South Carolina Artists group® | SCA® | 2010-2015 all rights reserved

About our Coordinator

Alexandra White
Producer, Coordinator and Independent Curator
1991  C. Graphic Design                                      MTC            
1991  C. Photography                                          MTC  
1996  A.A.                                                            MTC  
2001  B.L.A.    Painting, Minor in Art History           BU
2006  M.A.T. Counseling and Art Therapy          G Boston               
2011  C. Web Design                                          APUS Virginia

Organizing group activities actually began while still in high school but grew through my career as an artist.  The joy and exhilaration of a well done show or exhibit is quite rewarding and not necessarily based on sales. As a producer and curator quality in both design and performance is a requirement. Developing the skills to work with others and gaining the understanding can take a lifetime.
My goal as coordinator is to encourage and mentor artists and to provide them with the tools and skills to develop proper set-up, presentation and design for art exhibits, to promote the use of artistic activities, support artistic development and improve the quality of life for all.



2010-present day
I spend countless hours negotiating and administering contracts relating to the acquisition of locations with community businesses owners and government officials; Assist member-artists in the development of marketing techniques utilizing website development, social networking, branding and more; Communicate effectively both orally and in writing; Plan group activities, individual and group exhibits, one-off events, pop-up galleries, shows, co-ops and long-term projects; Create press releases to publicize all related shows; Perform a wide variety of duties and responsibilities with accuracy and speed under the pressure of time-sensitive deadlines; Demonstrate integrity, ingenuity, and inventiveness in the performance of assigned tasks.

Double Creature Feature                          On Stage Performance Center       West Columbia, SC
Artista Vista Pop Up Gallery                            Art Bar                                            Columbia, SC
SCA Kiss the Sky Art Opening                        Sammis Deli                                Columbia, SC
Vista Lights                                                        Art Bar                                            Columbia, SC
SCA Grand Opening Art Show                       The Pitter Platter                          Lexington, SC
SCA Grand Opening Art Show                       The Chicken Shack                     Lexington, SC
SCA Arts Extravaganza                                   On Stage Productions                 West Columbia, SC
APPLS Celebration of Art                                LOM                                                Lexington, SC
APPLS First Fridays Art Night                        The Shoppes of Flight Deck       Lexington, SC
APPLS First Fridays Art Night                        The Shoppes of Flight Deck       Lexington, SC
APPLS Wine 'n' Art Night                                 Lexington Old Mill                         Lexington, SC        
APPLS Art Night                                                Lexington Old Mill                         Lexington, SC
Opening Night-She Festival                           Independent Location               Columbia, SC  
Family Day-She Festival                                 Oak Grove Park                            Columbia, SC
The Final Shout -She Festival                        Yoga Studios                              Columbia, SC
Celebrating Steve                                              Busters Bistro                             Columbia, SC
Opening Night -She Festival                            Music Farm                                Augusta, GA
First - She Festival                                       Blue Martini                                 Columbia, SC



SCA semi-annual exhibit 2/2014-8/2014          LCAB                                        Lexington, SC
SCA semi-annual exhibit 7/2013-2/2014          LCAB                                        Lexington, SC
SCA semi-annual exhibit 1/2013-7/2013          LCAB                                       Lexington, SC
SCA semi-annual exhibit 7/2012-1/2013          LCAB                                       Lexington, SC
SCA semi-annual exhibit 1/2012-7/2012          LCAB                                       Lexington, SC
APPLS semi-annual exhibit 7/2011-1/2012     LCAB                                       Lexington, SC
APPLS The mellifluous Nature of Water           Lexington Old Mill                 Lexington, SC
APPLS Linear Elucidations                                 Lexington Old Mill                  Lexington, SC
APPLS Trees                                                         Lexington Old Mill                    Lexington, SC

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