SCA is an artist-for-artists group formed in 2010 in response to a severe decline in exhibit and sales opportunities for visual artists, due to the closing of nationwide and local art galleries and festivals. Once established organizers created a space for emerging to established artists, providing unique hands-on instruction, with the ability to exhibit their work at locally owned businesses.

     A member driven not-for-profit organization, SCA provide members with opportunities to build multiple skills; from public relations, networking, professional exhibits, portfolio management, presentation and much more. Artists members helped grow the group to manage multiple locations in which artists may show their work in professional setting. Businesses are able to form a bond with the community by hosting exhibits and events.

     Through the South Carolina Artists, members are able to work together, provide emotional support, encouragement, learn proper exhibiting techniques and promote awareness of art appreciation.

Our mission is to provide emerging, amateur and professional artists an opportunity to learn the art of professional display, the ability to show their work. Exhibits, events and more are coordinated for every member who chooses to be participate. When you are a part of an artists community you are no longer alone.

We do not sell or share membership information. Artists information on Membership forms is maintained for active members only.  We have and will always support all our artist members and their work.

As an artists-for-artists group, we are dedicated to providing public exhibits, professional support and ongoing inspiration for the community as a whole.  As artists we understand art must be exhibited to truly be appreciated.  Our mission is to visually enrich and strengthen the community by promoting the exhibition of local, professional art in work spaces and general public areas. 

We Do Not 

  • We do not accept payments in order to secure a specific artist or location
  • We do not show favoritism,
  • We do not judge art,
  • We do not reject any artist or form of art based on age, style, genre, economic status, gender, sexual orientation, race, experience or the like,
  • We do not exhibit horror/gore, nudes, overtly political or religious art,
  • We do not give into unfounded conspiracy theories or condone intolerance,
  • We do not take commission, percentage of sales or tips, ever.  

Increase knowledge, understanding and enjoyment art in the local businesses

Enrich individual experience of public spaces

Advance understanding of South Carolina Artists through their artwork

Stimulate economic benefits for the arts, locally owned business and tourism

Provide a better quality of life through art

Contribute to the civic pride of SC though recognition of arts in the community

Encourage citizen participation in the public art process through volunteerism

Organize group gatherings, exhibits, events & festivals throughout for artists members


SCA provides managed art exhibits in local businesses and public spaces. SCA organizers volunteer their time forming connections with local businesses. From organizing exhibits, maintaining communication with members, promoting artistic opportunities, facilitating rotations, coordinating art openings and more.

                                                         Members volunteer their time to create a better arts community

Coordinator: Alexandra White 
Rotation Directors: Charles Hite, Gretchen Evans Parker, Stephanie Suell, Pascale ​Bilgis, Laura Rolfing, Gina Foose

Membership Administrator: Caroline M. Davies

Events Committee: Alexandra White, Laura Rolfing, Gina Foose


21st Century Artists Community!

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All SCA activities & exhibits follow mask guidelines based on DHEC and CDC recommendations