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Guidelines  for exhibits

We have guidelines to assist with many possible situations. Keep in mind each location was obtained through a sometimes painstaking and delicate process.

Professionalism: Professionalism is an essential part of building trust and relationships with collectors, businesses and the artists community. Do not contact exhibiting locations regarding rotation times, sales or private exhibits*. Never take it upon yourself to change, rotate or contact the business. Always go through your Rotation Director, it is unbecoming and unprofessional.

Art: All art is to be wired, framed (or sides painted), tagged and ready to sell. No staples or saw-tooth hangers. Work that is still wet is not acceptable for exhibit. We exhibit in businesses that are open to the public and do allow art that depicts; nudity, all forms of religion, horror, erotic or graphic violence or generally creeps people out.

Tags: SCA tags, provided (link top of page), are to be used; personal business cards are not tags. If you would like to create your own tags they must state "" or "South Carolina Artists Exhibit". Suggestion: Tags printed on card stock have a more professional appeal.  Handwritten tags: (as shown on SCA tags) title, artist name, phone # & price or NFS. Do not write in cursive, add email, website, social network or other impertinent information, it looks messy. Messy tags makes your art & the exhibit look messy. Art will be removed if not corrected.

Communication: It is the duty of all members to maintain communication regarding exhibits, shows or rotations. Failure to confirm exhibits dates & times and a failure to arrive at scheduled exhibits lead to a loss of exhibit.*

Installations & rotations: Dates & times are arranged through the Rotation Directors. Do not contact the owner of any location to set up your own time, arrange exhibits. Rotation Directors attend all rotations and will reject any work not suitable for exhibit (i.e. unacceptable work or not wired). Solo exhibits do not allow back-to-back exhibits. It is the responsibility of each artist to collect their art at every rotation. Neither the location or our group is able to store art. Work not collected at rotation will be donated.

Maintenance: Pictures are taken at installations only for promotion. Artists should maintain a personal record of location, titles & prices. Art is to remain at location for listed length of time. No empty spaces are allowed, if you sell or remove art you must replace it immediately.

Rotation Directors:  Each RD has years of experience and expertise. They assist hanging art, take pictures to help promote location & exhibit. When in doubt  contact your RD.

If you do not understand these Guidelines contact Coordinator to set up a Mentor Meeting appointment.

*Failure to adhere to SCA guidelines may require removal from exhibit or SCA.


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2/22 Lunch Club​ The British Bulldog Pub (noon) 1220 Bower Pkwy, Columbia, SC 29212


3/29 Lunch Club​ - Ab Al, Trudy, 

4/5 Land Bank Lofts 1st Friday Toast to Art Party - Annette, 

Small Arts Market - Charles, Jeanine, Ab Al,

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5/4 Lake City Art Fields ​Group tour- Ginny,

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8/30 Lunch Club​ -
LCAB Artists Reception

9/27 Lunch Club​ -
14 Carrot Artists Reception

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Art Walk 1st Friday Lexington 

11/29 Lunch Club​ -
Land Bank Lofts 1st Friday

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It the goal of SCA to provide exhibits in locations that share our desire and respect for art. Our art can help a business stand out and enable our work to be seen by many people. Never pass up an opportunity to show your work to the public.