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All Lexington Locations (except LCAB) will rotate the last Thursday of rotation month. 

Rotations are 1 hour, make sure to arrive on time, review guidelines, work is ready to hang, take pictures and leave.

Most locations are independent collection, not installation. Always contact Rotation Directors if you have someone else drop off/pk up work


14 Carrot Whole Foods 5300 Sunset Blvd Lexington, SC 29072 | 60-day

Rotation Director Ginny Merett 803.730.5987

Rotation: Sept 21 9am

Outgoing: Ginny

Incoming: Sharon

The Pitter Platter 112 Main St Lexington SC | 60-day

Rotation Director - Susan Johnson 803.413.7095

Rotation:  Sept 21 11-12

Outgoing: Pascale, Susan

Incoming:  Ginny, 


Musician Supply
718 W Main St Lexington | 60-day

Rotation Director - Annette Rivers - 864-593-2005

Rotation: Sept 21 10-11

Outgoing: Trudith, Annette, Ab Al

Incoming:  Kay, 


LCAB/Lexington County Administration Building 212 S Lake Dr, Lexington 29072
SCA Semi-Annual Exhibit | 6-month rotation

Rotation - August 23

Outgoing 3pm Current exhibit 

Incoming 3:30pm:  Kay, Trudith, Ginny, Renea, Amy, Vi, LuLu, Gretchen, Sharon,


The Land Bank Lofts 1401 Hampton St, Columbia, SC | 4-month exhibit 

Ground Floor Gallery Rotation Director - Charles Hite 803.397.5253 

Rotation:  Sept 28 3pm

Outgoing:  All current work to be removed

Incoming: Kay, Ginny, Renea, Susan,