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​​Contact Rotation Directors if you need to change the time or having someone else drop off/pk up work


​​The Haven Coffeehouse 121 Main St Lexington | 60-day rotation
Rotation Director - Alexandra

Rotation:  April TBA

Outgoing: Ginny, Trudith, Renea, Pascale, Vi, Annette, Skip, Charles, CJ,

Incoming: updated April 1st


14 Carrot Whole Foods 
5300 Sunset Blvd Lexington, SC 29072 | 60-day

Rotation Director Ginny Merett 803.730.5987

Rotation: April

Outgoing: Ab Al

Incoming:updated April 1st


The Pitter Platter 112 Main St Lexington SC | 60-day

Rotation Director - Susan Johnson 803.413.7095

Rotation:  April

Outgoing: Ginny & CJ

Incoming:  updated April 1st


Musician Supply
718 W Main St Lexington | 60-day

Rotation Director - Annette Rivers - 864-593-2005

Rotation: April

Outgoing: Farzana, Charles, Trudith, Annette, Ginny

Incoming:  updated April 1st 


LCAB/Lexington County Administration Building 212 S Lake Dr, Lexington 29072
SCA Semi-Annual Exhibit | 6-month rotation

Rotation - March 4th 

Outgoing 8:30: Current exhibit -  Lulu, Beverly, Gretchen​ , AbAl, Sharon​, Kay​, Susan​, Vi, JJ, Annette

Incoming 9:00: New exhibit - Ginny, Farzana, Vi, Renea, Skip, Gretchen, 


The Land Bank Lofts 1401 Hampton St, Columbia, SC | 4-month exhibit 

Ground Floor Gallery Rotation Director - Charles Hite 803.397.5253 

Rotation:  March 2 11am-1pm

Outgoing:  Ground & 1st -Kay, Charles, Trudith, Bob, 2nd-Susan & Annette, 3rd-Ab Al, 4th-Annette, 5th-AbAl

Incoming: Ground & 1st -Rachel, Jason, Debbie, Farzana, Kay, Skip,

2nd-Jeanine & Charles 3rd-Ginny, 4th-?, 5th-Ab Al


Ellen Owens Salon  911 Lady St, Columbia, SC | 2-month exhibit 

Rotation Director - Rotation Director Ginny Merett 803.730.5987

Rotation:  April

Outgoing: Ab Al, Ginny, Debbie, Annette, Renea, Kay, JJ, Trudith

Incoming: updated April 1st