​                                                    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​All locations offer artists the 3 E's - Exhibit, Experience, Exposure!

All locations sign a contract to show only art by our members, in return we maintain a clean & professional exhibit. Review Exhibiting Guidelines on SCA Activities page for details.

Before signing up to exhibit, visit locations. You will better understand placement and allowable sizes.

Navigate this page:

  • A comma " ," means there is more room for artists to sign up for the space.
  • ? means no one has signed up​

Some locations are open from 8 - 5pm while others may be open from 10am to 10pm. That’s why installation times vary at all locations

  • SCA cannot maintain the schedule of all its members. Make sure to state the time you are available to install when signing up. Contact/text Rotation Directors to work out specific times if the listed time on the Rotations Page doesn’t work for your schedule.
  • See Rotations Page for exact dates of current installations.
  • Sign up for upcoming exhibits via SCA Exhibit Forms
  • Have questions email contact@southcarolinaartists.com or text 803.602.4814 | include name of location, date, number of pieces.
  • Do you want an art opening? Talk to your Rotation Director for planning.


The Land Bank Lofts 
1401 Hampton St, Columbia, SC 29201 | 4-month rotation 
Rotation Directors - Charles Hite 803.397.5253

Saturday installations begin at 11am | 6 floors for sculpture, paintings and more visual arts | Featured on Arts Gallery page on http://www.landbankapartments.com | 
Space: 6 long hallways for 25 small to large works | 3 Gallery sections for 10-12 spaces for large scale works | sculpture on floor or pedestals | ground floor suggested non-cloth works, 70lb hangers​
Safe & Secure Location: Cameras at all exits, building locked after 6pm, residential pass key entrance, locked & gated parking lot, front desk reception, Those who cannot climb stairs may deliver work m-f  9am-5pm for valet to install

Current exhibit - Ginny Merett, CJ Martin-Marchese, Susan Johnson, Debbie Day, Ab Al, Jason Freeman, Kay Paschal, Rachel Myers, Charles Hite, Ty Davis, Renea Eshleman, Kathy Adams.

March- Al, Ginny, Rachel,




LCAB/Lexington County Administration Building 
212 S Lake Dr, Lexington 29072
SCA Semi-Annual Exhibit | 6-month rotation Coordinator Alexandra White, text 803.331.9468
Hours of operation Monday - Friday 8am-5pm | 54 + spaces - no limits on amount of art.  Once location is filled, installation is complete.
LCAB is a government facility, as per agreement do not list prices on tags | Installation begins at 9am, bring art wired & tagged art to 2nd floor meeting room. All exhibitors sign a liability form at the time of installation agreeing once art is installed, it cannot be removed till the end of the exhibit. No one may remove any work without authorization from the artist & coordinator. 

Next installation:  March 12 - Kay, Rachel, Ginny

LCAB Rotation Directions: All participating artists meet on 2nd floor, follow signs.
8am - County employees begin to remove current exhibit. Art will be placed on the floor, facing outward, ready to collect. 

Artists Do not come to LCAB before 8:30am

8:30-9am - Previous artists collect art and remove. Art facing outward is to be collected. Art that is not collected will be donated.
9-9:30am - New art- Bring art to 2nd floor starting at 9am. Art facing wall is ready to be hung.
10:00am - Final run through and promo photos.


14 Carrot Whole Foods 
5300 Sunset Blvd Lexington, SC 29072 | 60-day rotation
Rotation Director Ginny Merett 803.730.5987

Exhibit description: 2-d art only 16 total spaces | Yellow dining room in front - 7 spaces high up wall will fit art up to 20" h x 40"w | 4 spaces to fit large works | 4 spaces fit small to large works on wall over microwave | 2 spaces (fit medium sizes) on wall in back between restrooms​ | contact RD for dates & times | payments: location accept checks & cc payments & contact artist.

April 5 - Kay
June 7  - ?
August 9 - JJ
October 4 - Annette

Dec - ?


The Pitter Platter 
112 Main St Lexington SC | 60-day rotation  Opening Party Friday Sept 1 6pm-8pm
Rotation Director - Susan Johnson 803.413.7095

Exhibit description: (hanging art) 15+ spaces (for hanging 2-d and/or 3-d art) on long side wall  | contact RD for dates & times | payments: location accept checks or cc payments & contact artist.

April - CJ,
June - Ginny,
August - ?
Oct - ?
Dec - ?

Musician Supply
718 W Main St Lexington | 60-day rotation 
Rotation Director - TBA

Exhibit description: (hanging art) 34 hanging spaces| installations only mon-fri beginning at 10:30 | contact RD for dates & times | payments: location accept checks & contact artist.

April - ?
June - ?
August - ?
Oct - ?
Dec - ?


The Haven Coffeehouse
 121 Main St Lexington | 60-day rotation
Rotation Director - Coordinator Alexandra White, text 803.331.9468 to sign up

Exhibit description: (hanging art) 21+ spaces for two & 3-dimensional pieces | 3-d work must be wired and able to hang
Hallway great for small to medium pieces

April - ?
June - ?
August - ?
Oct - ?
Dec - ?

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