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SCA Call to Artists

​​​South Carolina Artists

Dedication - Support - Inspiration - Exhibits

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All locations offer artists the 3 E's - Exhibit, Experience, Exposure!

All locations sign a contract to show only art by our members, in return we maintain clean & professional exhibits. Review Exhibiting Guidelines on SCA Activities page for details.
Before signing up to exhibit, visit locations. You will better understand placement and allowable sizes.


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  • A comma " ," means there is more room for artists to sign up for the space.
  • ? means no one has signed up​
  • Some locations are open from 8 - 5pm, others may be open from 10am to 10pm. That’s why installation times vary at all locations. 
  • Do you want an art opening? Talk to your Rotation Director for planning.

SCA cannot maintain the schedule of all its members. Rotations are 1 hour or less. Make sure to arrive on time, review guidelines, work is ready to hang, take pictures and leave. ​​Contact Rotation Directors if you have someone else drop off/pk up work
See Rotations Page for exact dates of current installations.
Have questions email or text 803.602.4814

LCAB/Lexington County Administration Building 212 S Lake Dr, Lexington 29072  
Rotation Director - Gretchen Parker 803.238.3714
Main entrance is at the back of the building. LCAB is a government facility, as per agreement do not list prices on tags, use these tags only  →

  • Once art is installed, it cannot be removed till the end of the exhibit. Small work in hallways, larger work in 1st & 2nd floor atrium.
  • All art must be signed out. New work must be signed in.
  • Collect previous works and Bring ​New wired & tagged art to 2nd floor meeting room, look for beginning at 2:30pm

November 16th Art Rotation below:
1:50 Rotation Director arrives to post signs at front desk, elevators & 2nd floor to direct artists to sign-out art in Conference Room A on the second floor.

2pm Building Services should have all work pulled and placed on the floor facing outward for collection

2:30 New works will be placed on the facing the wall, underneath hangers, ready for Building Services to hang

3pm Uncollected works should be brought to Conference room A for Rotation Director to contact artists for collection

3:30 Final run through & pictures

3:50 Art Rotation Complete​​


The Land Bank Lofts 1401 Hampton St, Columbia, SC 29201 | 4-month rotation  
Rotation Director - Charles Hite 803.397.5253
10+ pieces, variety of sizes, per floor - Salon Style exhibition (as pictured on Exhibiting locations)

​Ground, 1 left, 1 right, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

December tba

14 Carrot Whole Foods 5300 Sunset Blvd Lexington, SC 29072 | 60-day rotation
Rotation Director - Ginny Merett 803.730.5987
Exhibit description: Hanging art only, 17 total spaces | Solo exhibit |  dining room in front - 7 spaces high up wall will fit art up to 20" h x 40"w | 4 spaces to fit large works | 4 spaces fit small to large works on wall over microwave | 2 spaces (fit medium sizes) on wall in back between restrooms​ | payments: Location accepts checks/cc payments & contact artist.



The Pitter Platter 112 Main St Lexington SC | 60-day rotation 
Rotation Director - Susan Johnson 803.413.7095
Exhibit description: 15+ spaces on long side wall | small - large works | Solo or dual art exhibit preferred | Location accept checks/cc payments & contact artist



Musician Supply 718 W Main St Lexington | 4 month exhibit
Rotation Director - Trudith Dyer 803.463.9085
Exhibit description: 50 spaces | 18 spaces for small work | 1 wall for 3 large | 2 walls 8 piece both salon style