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Thank you to all who participated & attended
2021 Autumn Faire
See y'all Saturday November 5th, 2022

Columbia, SC — South Carolina Artists present the 2nd Annual Autumn Faire. Join us at the Robert Mills House & Gardens on November 6, 2021 from 11am-4pm for a safely spaced Arts festival.
Created during the 2020 lockdown, in an effort to provide artists & the general public a safe space to support the arts, outdoors and enjoy being together again. Admission is free and open to the public with plenty of free parking.
During a time of pandemic & shut-downs, the SC Artists designed a way to create such an enjoyable and safe atmosphere for both exhibiting artists and the public that many requested they continue to create festivals in this manner.
Exhibiting artists, both homegrown and from around the country will be showing original works of art, with a price range to appeal to every type of collector. Performances by ballet dancer Moona Wu, featured artists; Abstract Alexandra & Gina Bennachio, Bobbi Sorensen & Adriana Vidal, Gina Foose & Jan Lane, M.Shepard & Antônia Muniz, 28 Stone, Amber White, Ashley Napier, AV Photography, Barefoot pottery, Beaded Venus, Candace Catoe, Carolyn Starr Ellis, Charles Hite, Photographic Art, Chilly Waters, Christi Arnette, Cozmic Beauty, Eclecticity, Ginny Merett, Glen Caines, Holly Rauch, Indigo Haint Works, Jabri’s Imaginari, Jessica Ream, Judy Sellers, Karen Petta, Lila's Happy Flowers, MG Summers Fine Art, Pascale Bilgis, Raegan Teller, Schwantes Pottery, Sharon Funderburk, Stephanie Suell, Steven White, Studio Shultz, Sue Charette-Hood Designs, The Scattered Artist, The Smiths Paint, Tweak of Nature, Art by DuPre, Emily Grace McCoy, Jason Schoonover, Jean Gonzalez Lomasto, Karen Dickey Designs, Lauren Rachel Simmons Fine Art, S. Fergason Art, Sibylla's Bath House, Trudith D Art.
SCAs mission is to create a balance of all the visual forms of art featuring all of the best artists from around the country showing original works of art, with a price range to appeal to every type of collector.

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